Lipid poor adenoma is a silent disease, and the adrenal masses that are found with the imaging tests, indicate that about one to five percent of cases that were tested for a CT scan in the United States of America, showed signs of the development of the lipid poor adenoma.

The adenoma has been found in benign form and cured with surgery and chemotherapy. On the international front, Lipid poor adenoma has been found to be more prevalent in the Italian countries. In most cases, the patient reported of abdominal pain and tested with a CT scan resulted in the presence of the lipid poor adenoma.

There is no pattern of the incidence of the lipid poor adenoma in adults but when it occurs in adolescents, it has been found that girls are more susceptible to the disease as compared to the adolescent boys.

Today, cancer is a lethal disease that can affect anybody at anytime. There is no such set rule that the cancer like lipid poor adenoma is only restricted to adults as cancer can occur in any individual.

The treatment of any type of cancer is usually very lengthy and very stressful both mentally as well as physically. This type of disease is lethal and progresses at a slow rate, as the symptoms appear only after the tumor has grown to an advanced stage. It is easier to cure the cancer when the adenoma is in the benign stage.

Therefore, it is important to spread awareness about cancer, its various types and how it affects health and life.