Localized adiposity is caused due to the accumulation of adipose tissue present in small   quantities. The body contours are decided by the amount of localized adiposity in various parts of the body.

It is mostly the brown adipose tissue that is resistant to physical activity. The is mainly present in the abdomen, and this is often referred to as the lifeguard or rolls when present in excess. When fat is present in the sides of the legs, the fitness experts refer to them as the riding pants. Sometimes the adipose tissue is present in the shoulder and back of the arms.

It may be present in the back and looks like a hump of a camel. There are various other areas that may get inundated with adipose tissue that is mainly caused due to lack of activity. The inside of the knees may also  be affected by fat deposits. Today, there is an  increase in obesity rate and it has been found that many adults as well as children are obese.

This attribute has been linked to the sedentary lifestyle of the modern generation. Today, children play more often on the computer rather than in the playground and this can greatly affect their body fat metabolism. As a result of this condition there is increase in localized adiposity and loss of body’s contour lines.

Localized adiposity

The location of adipose tissue depends on the amount of body fat present in the human body. Adipose tissue is the storehouse of energy containing large amount of fat deposits. This layer of adipose tissue provides adequate insulation as well as cushioning for various parts of the body. According to the definition of adipose tissue, it is a layer of connective tissue that is mainly composed of triglycerides deposition.

The location may be decided by whether it is white or brown adipose tissue. Thus, depending on the species of the mammals, the location of adipose tissue will be varying. In the case of human beings, the location of adipose tissue may be just beneath the skin, and this is termed as subcutaneous fact. Sometimes, it will be surrounding the visceral organs, and this is known as visceral or abdominal fat.

The fat deposit may be inside the bones and this is known as bone marrow or yellow bone marrow. In case of females, there is excessive fat deposition around the female reproductive organs . The adipose tissue surrounding the endocrine glands plays an important role in the production of endocrine hormones. It is the location of the adipose tissue that determines the body contour of the individual.