There are various types of mouth sores in babies. As a parent it is important to learn about the various types of sores so that you are able to identify the mouth sores and provide medical assistance to the baby at the right time.

Sometimes pimples are mistaken to be mouth sores. Cold sores are a type of mouth sores in babies that are very rarely found. If you notice cold sores in baby less than three months of age then you must inform the doctor and get immediate medical attention.

The cold sores appear to be fluid filled blisters having reddish base. These blisters are found around the oral cavity in the baby. The cold sores may disappear after sometime but the virus continues to remain in the body.

The mouth sores in babies can be transmitted by adults. When you are eating and sharing the same utensils with your baby then you could be infecting your baby if you are already having the mouth sores.

On the other hand, the virus causing mouth sores in babies is transmitted by contact, touch and even kissing. If your baby shows signs of mouth sores then you must check with the day care center and find out if anybody has the disease.