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Newborn always hungry

My newborn is always hungry, this is a common complaint amongst all new mothers. Newborn always hungry is not unusual. Newborn babies usually don’t define correlate feedings with hunger, especially breastfed babies. For them feedings are a solace from this strange world they are unaccustomed to. They derive comfort and are soothed by the nearness of their mother the only individual that means the entire world to them.

Breastfeeding is highly recommended during the first year of growth and development in the baby. But there are many parents who do not know how to do it properly. They are various guidelines available that can be used while breastfeeding your baby. In spite of these there are many mothers who quite breastfeeding or resort to feeding bottles as they think that breastfeeding is a tedious job as newborn always hungry.

It is true that when breastfeeding you may find theta your newborn always hungry as he may be going through the growth spurt phase. During this phase the newborn baby is growing and developing at fast pace and many important changes are taking place in the body. Therefore the baby may require more nutritional and therefore newborn always hungry.

While feeding the baby, it is important to make sure that the baby is feeding from both the breast before going back to sleep. In case the baby sleeps during his feeding time then he will wake up for more feedings and thus newborn always hungry. It is important to maintain feeding schedule for your baby, so that he will be feeding properly and sleeping through the night. In case you’re newborn always hungry at night, you can give him a supplemental bottle of milk or baby formula so that he does not wake up during the night.

The suckling instinct too is generally pleasurable to babies pacifying their need for security. Thus newborn always hungry, but that doesn’t mean we should constantly feed them. One should look out for signs of hunger in their baby. Usual signs of hunger are rooting on fists; looking out for bottles or breast, sucking on fingers, incessant crying due to no obvious reason…may all indicate a hungry baby with a large appetite.

However, in order to avoid overfeeding the baby and to make things easier for the mother it is important to keep track of the ounces of formula or time between feedings. Developing a healthy routine with feedings spaced at least an hour in between will ensure that the baby is well fed and happy. Some babies always seem hungry in spite of being well fed in such cases other options like pacifiers may be opted for as these tend to fulfill the extraordinarily large suckling instinct of you new baby.

Sometimes just soothing the baby crying also helps before offering him the bottle. Newborn always hungry, isn’t it true?

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