According to the pediatricians the newborn eye discharge problem is a very common condition, and this can be easily resolved by daily care routine. This daily care routine has been found to be very effective in the treatment of newborn eye discharge problem.

Some of the clinical presentations of this symptom of newborn eye discharge include the development of eye crust in one or both eyes. The amount of crust may vary depending on the extent of infection. Sometimes there is large amount of eye crust especially when the newborn wakes up from sleep.

In certain cases, the newborn baby is not able to open the eye in severe cases of newborn eye discharge. According to the pediatrician one must clean the eye with clean warm water at least twice daily. You can use a washing cloth for cleaning the newborn eye discharge.

One must make sure not to use the same cloth for both the eyes as the infection from one you could spread to other. According to an old belief breast milk has been found to have immense healing properties.

It contains many antibiotic properties that are essential for cleaning the bacterial infection that has developed in the tear duct of the eyes. Massaging the tear duct frequently will also release the excess fluid that has accumulated in the eyes.