The normal baby temperature armpit is one degree lower than the actual body temperature. There are various ways of measuring your baby’s temperature. The most commonly used method is measuring temperature under the armpit using a thermometer.

So it is advisable that when you measure you baby’s temperature by this method you have to add one degree to the normal baby temperature armpit. In this method, you can use a regular thermometer pr even a digital thermometer that is easily available in the market.

If you want to check the normal baby temperature armpit, you must apply a probe cover over the tip of the thermometer and then place this thermometer in your baby’s armpit. Then record the temperature and the time of the day. If the reading is above 99 degrees Fahrenheit then you must make a note of it and give acetaminophen to the baby in order to reduce the fever.

In case the temperature is 97 degrees then it would be normal baby temperature armpit. In case the fever seems to recur after three days then you must consult the doctor. The doctor may conduct tests in order to ascertain the cause of recurring fever and prescribe appropriate medication in order to relieve the baby.