Pregnancy hcg levels by week should be tested while you are pregnant, as hcg is a pregnancy hormone, which confirms about your pregnancy and also gives you the clear picture about your health during pregnancy.

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) levels should be doubled or tripled in two to three days after conceiving. The hcg levels grow rapidly and should be maintained uniformly, as extreme levels of hcg may cause harmful syndromes and hence, should be monitored regularly. The hcg levels vary and can be termed as Normal hcg levels and higher than average hcg levels.

Below is the list of pregnancy hcg levels by week which are considered to be normal:

  1. 0-1 week: 0-50 IU/L
  2. 1-2 weeks: 40-300
  3. 3-4 weeks: 500-6k
  4. 1-2 months: 5k -200k
  5. 2-3 months: 10k-100k
  6. 2nd trimester: 3k-50k
  7. 3rd trimester: 1k-50k
  8. Non-pregnant females: <5.0
  9. Postmenopausal: <9.5

You might have noticed how variably the levels encounter, where the levels vary every 36 hours. The pregnancy with higher than the average hcg levels normally result in Ectopic pregnancy, Molar pregnancy, Injections, Choriocarcinoma of the uterus and Twins or higher pregnancies.

The HCG levels are based upon the length of the pregnancy from the date of last menstrual cycle and women who have irregular menstrual cycles are prone to abnormalities. So, a regular check up is mandatory to avoid any complications. Do not come to any conclusions till you seek doctor’s advice.