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The term Pulpotomy refers to the removal of the coronal portion of the pulp tissue; with pulpal tissues in root canals remain untouched.

It is indicated for teeth with pulp exposure caused by decay, mechanical exposure, and sometimes trauma, with no periapical pathosis. After anesthesia and decay removal, coronal pulpal tissue is removed, usually with a large round bur on the low speed hand piece.

Active irrigation and evacuation of the operatory site is especially important during this Pulpotomy. After stopping any hemorrhaging, a cotton pallet with medicament of glutaraldehyde is applied.

After removal of the medicament, calcium hydroxide or Zinc oxide eugenol is used to cover the pulp of canals and temporary restoration placed. Permanent restoration follows after few days of observatory period after Pulpotomy.

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Dr. Muna Taqi is a Dental surgeon from India who has more than 10 years of experience in the field of Oral & Maxillofacial surgery, Endodontics, & Pedodontics. She has worked in multinational medical corporates in Middle East and is also a consultant dental surgeon for many. She has authored many articles for medical journals & websites and is a consultant dental expert for Healthdrip.

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