Tongue thrust in babies is commonly observed during the period of four to six months when you are introducing solids in your baby’s diet. The tongue thrust in babies is described as the reflex action here the baby is pushing his tongue out of the mouth. He may be doing it is reaction to a stimulus on the throat region.

Sometimes when there is a tongue thrust in babies, it could be due to the baby choking on food. This also explains the baby pushing out spoonfuls of cereal out of his mouth. The tongue thrust in babies could also be due to choking.

Therefore, one must avoid giving nuts, grapes, cookies when there is tongue thrust reflex in babies. In case of tongue thrust reflex in babies, one must watch the babies closely when they are learning to eat finger foods.

One must try to prevent and choking hazards and feed mashed or semi solid food to the babies. It is also suggested that when the baby is hungry he will be sticking his tongue out. You can help your baby by helping him to relax during the feeding time and offer him small bits of the regular meal.

Sometimes when you offer the whole portion of the meal it can be too overwhelming for the baby and therefore one must avoid doing it.