Some of the risk factors that are associated with tubulovillous adenoma include age as the risk of developing cancer increases with age. Cancer is a silent disease and the tubulovillous adenoma is initially available in benign form but if it is undetected, it may grow in size and transform into a malignancy that produces complication in the health of the individual.

Tubulovillous adenoma has been found to be more frequent where the patients are aged between 60 and 70 years. If the patient has been treated for other forms of adenomas, he is at a greater risk of developing tubulovillous adenoma.

In the case of women, who have already been treated with breast adenoma, ovarian adenoma, uterus cancer, are at a greater risk for developing the adenoma. Heredity is a very common cause of tubulovillous adenoma, where the patient who has a relative diagnosed with the disease will be at a greater risk of developing the adenoma.

This includes patients who have relative affected with adenoma before the age of 55 and are more likely to develop early symptoms of malignancy associated with cancer. According to the American Cancer society, it has been found that lifestyle and eating habits play a major role in the occurrence of cancer in the patients.

Smoking is injurious to health and has many harmful side effects including cancer. Alcohol also causes cancer and therefore it must be avoided. It is very important to avoid addictions and lead an active lifestyle, and eat healthy food in order to avoid cancer.