Most parents often ask the pediatrician, “when do babies start cooing?” The right answer is from 5 to 7 months after birth. If you want to know when do babies start cooing, then you will hear it when your baby starts doing it.

Initially it may appear as the babbling sounds from the baby but when the baby reaches the 5 months milestone, it is the time to lookout for signs, in order to ascertain when babies start cooing. Any sign of the baby talking or making sound is like music for the parent’s years.

If you want to get knowledge when do babies start cooing, you can refer to the various baby development websites that are easily available on the internet. The websites are created by expert pediatricians who will explain when do babies start cooing, and all other milestones to look out for.

Babies cooing are perfectly normal as these are the very first sounds that a baby makes to communicate with the world. Babies babble when the larynx that is also known as the voice box, that is located high in the throat descends in order to let the baby create while swallowing solid food.

Therefore, the pharynx is formed that is used in making the cooing sounds. Babies start cooing around the time when they start eating solids. The babies are given rice cereal that is mixed with breast milk of iron fortified formula.

Most parents are delighted to hear their baby cooing and respond and encourage the baby to make more sounds. Baby cooing continues till the end of the first year.