2 month old baby boy

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Most parents think that all that their 2 month old baby boy does is feed, poop and sleep, but they fail to realize that their baby boy has emotions. It takes only the trained eye of an experienced parent to gauge the emotions of your 2 month old boy.

As the 2 month old baby boy is growing and developing, he will be reaching important emotional milestones. As you go through the regular chores, you will notice that your baby boy is watching you intently as you change his diapers or feed him. It may seem like he is trying very hard to memorize your features in his mind.

Your baby may even stop to listen to the sound of your voice and he may get upset when your tone of voice changes or when you are under stress. Therefore, a parent must make sure that the baby gets a stress free environment in the house, so that his emotional development is enhanced.

Your 2 month old baby boy will also follow you around the room with his eyes. Your presence and your voice does magic in calming your crying baby.

As the baby is growing up, he will form a special bond of life with his family members. And when you are going through the hectic schedule of managing home while taking care of your baby, you must make sure that you make use of feeding time for giving one sided attention to your baby.

Parenting a 2 month old baby is easier said than done, as the art of parenting has many facets. Some of the parenting skills that are required for taking care of a 2 month old baby include eating, activity, sleep and your time.

According to experts, these skills are also referred by the abbreviation ‘EASY’ where ‘E’ stands for eating, ‘A’ stands for activity, ‘S’ stands for sleeping and ‘Y stands for your time. If you already have an experience in parenting, then you would say that ‘EASY’ is not that easy.

Practically speaking, as soon as the 2 month old baby wakes up in the morning he will require his feeding. Therefore, one has to make sure that the baby gets his regular feeding on time.

Activity is important for the baby as it ensures growth and development in the baby. This is also important for the baby as he will be able to release excess energy. You can do this by involving the baby in active play with toys.

You can also take him into the living room or the kitchen where the family has gathered for dinner. Sleeping is also very important for proper growth and development in your 2 month old baby.

And last but not the least, is your time, you have to get the baby into a routine, so that you will be able to find time for yourself. In the absence of this, each day you will have to deal with the erratic time schedule of your baby and you would end up with very little or no time for yourselves.



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