Anion gap acidosis

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Anion gap acidosis is a condition which may be detected by taking a blood test of a person who is thought to be having it. The test is called anioin gap test and it finds out the difference that is found by knowing the positive ions and the negative ions in the bloodstream.

In anion gap acidosis there is excess of acid in the body. Because of this condition, the pH balance may get affected and there may be so many problems in the body which may become dangerous when not taken care of.

Anion gap acidosis may be either metabolic or non-metabolic. The cure for each of these is different and can be known by the blood test that is very crucial for carrying out the process of treating.

In the anion gap acidosis, the diagnosis is done by the blood test. If the result of this test is very high then it means then a lot of acid is present in the body and this may lead to fatigue, low blood pressure or loss of appetite in a person.

If the test for finding anion gap acidosis suggests lesser than in normal circumstances, then there is excess of alkali in the body. This is found in case there is a kidney ailment where there is loss of sodium or potassium in the body from urine passing.



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