Buy Baby Scales to Check baby health

When Babies arrive weight forms an important aspect of health assessment. Baby scales are essentially used to measure breast milk intake and weight of the babies. Health care providers usually ascertain the weight of newborn babies with the Medala baby weigh scale. This baby weight scale serves to calculate the breast milk intake by the infant. In most case with medical problems, the baby scale can be used to measure up to one half teaspoon of breast milk.

Here the baby weight is noted before giving him breast milk and then his weight is again noted after then feeding times. With the touch of a single button the device calculates the amount of breast milk fed to the baby as it is a digital baby scale. Weight gain is important in babies however weighing should be done on the same scale as some scales may show varying measurements. You can get your babies weight checked once a week. Daily measurements may vary due to feeding, urination and bowel movements.

This way if you see any deviation from normal growth in the baby then you can refer to a pediatrician. Especially, in the case of babies born with congenital heart defects, which indicate that the blood vessels meant to supply blood to the heart, have not developed properly at the time of birth.

Therefore, the baby may gain weight slowly as compared to normal babies. This condition may continue till corrective measures can be taken on the baby after he is strong enough for the treatment. Healthy babies usually double their birth weight with 4-5 months after birth. However a baby with birth defects may grow slowly due to his condition. Babies must be essentially weighed every month as this will show how your baby is growing.

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