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Curve of wilson a curve that contacts the buccal & lingual_cusp tips of the mandibular buccal teeth.

The Curve of wilson is medio-Iateral on each side of the arch.

It results from inward inclination of the lower posterior teeth. Curve of wilson helps in two ways

a. Teeth are aligned parallel to the direction of medial pterygoid for optimum resistance to masticatory forces.

b. The elevated buccal cusps prevent food from going past the occlusal table.

It refers to the antero-posterior curvature of the occlusal surfaces beginning at the tip of the lower cuspid & following the cusp tips of the bicuspids & molars continuing as an arc through the condyle.

If the curve is extended, it would form a circle of about 4 inch diameter. This is not in the case of Curve of wilson.

The curve results from variation in axial alignment to the lower teeth. The long axis of the each lower teeth is aligned nearly parallel to its individual arc of closure around the condylar axis.

This requires a gradual progressive increased mesial tilting of teeth towards molars which creates the curve of Spee

The curve of Monson is obtained by extending the curve of Spee & Curve of wilson to all cusps & incisal edges.



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