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Today, there is a boom in dental tourism in Cuba and in fact, many Cubans have made the tourism industry as a potential source of income.

Havana has high hopes and is very enthusiastic about promoting medical tourism and the government has been encouraging public expenditure towards transport and accommodation facilities, targeting more attractions in the medical tourism sector.

Medical tourism especially dental tourism in Cuba has been thriving due to the expensive medical costs in America.

Therefore, Americans opting for dental tourism in Cuba visit Cuba each year for medical treatment, have two options, either apply for a visa approval from the Cuban authorities or do it illegally.

Although a series of events led by the Trade organization in America from The World trade center Tampa Bay have propelled tourism and travel to Cuba, the government of Cuba is yet to approve the application for free travel for the American citizens.

On the other hand, the residents of Cuba who visit America are allowed to travel free from any restrictions, while the Americans will have to wait for authorization.

But unfortunately, all optimism and hope has outpaced the reality, as even today there is a restriction of agriculture, food products and medical products to the Island.

The medical costs especially dental expenses are very high in America as compared to Cuba, which charges only one thirds to one fourths of the medical expenses incurred in America. This why dental tourism in Cuba has boomed.

Today, the government of Cuba encourages luxurious travel and accommodation facilities at exclusive resorts for the medical tourist who comes down to Cuba each year, for various treatments including dental treatments.

Many Americans who opt for dental tourism in Cuba, visit Cuba illegally through flights, in fact according to statistics, last year around 150 Dominicans have traveled to Cuba for medical reasons.

The field of medicine is flourishing in Cuba. Most of the dental facilities available to patients include various dental implants like periodontology, bone grafting, gold teeth, osteoblast, prosthodontics, bridging, oral and maxillofacial surgery and osseointegration process.

Some of the most sophisticated technology and expertise can be easily found at affordable rates in Cuba, and this is what lures the Americans to travel illegally to Cuba for various treatments.

Dental tourism in Cuba is not just confined to medical treatments but the medical tourists are given accommodation packages according to the duration of the treatment which are commonly available as one week package.

The patients can choose to stay at the clinic or in the hotel rooms which are very luxurious and specially designed for medical tourists who travel to Cuba each year for treatment of serious illnesses.

There are patients coming from different countries including Latin Americans, Caribbeans, Chinese and even Italians.

Some Officials in Cuba state that Cuba is not yet prepared for dealing with travel and accommodation facilities of a large number of Americans.

Presently, the country caters to around 2.5 million medical tourists who are on dental tourism mostly from the European continent.

Health tourism has been flourishing by leaps and bounds as there are a large number of resorts that have a network with the various hospitals, dental hospitals, clinics, health resorts available in Cuba, that cater to the needs and requirements of a wide variety of clientele from around the globe.

Dental tourism in Cuba surely has a promising future!



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