Measles vaccine

Measles vaccine is available as a single disease vaccine or in combination with mumps and rubella.

Contents: It is a live attenuated vaccine prepared from Edmonston-Zagreb or Schwarz strain, containing 1000 TCID50/dose.

Supply & storage of Measles vaccine: It is available as single dose or multi- dose vial containing lyophilized powder, along with a diluent and should be reconstituted before injection. Unconstituted vaccine should be stored at 2-8°C. Being heat-labile and without any anti-bacterial preservative, it should be used with proper asepsis and within 3 hours of reconstitution.

Severe reactions e.g. toxic-shock syndrome has been reported after delayed use of vaccine beyond 3-6 hours of reconstitution.

Schedule of Measles vaccine: As transplacental antibody titers may persist till 6-8 months of age, measles vaccination is routinely recommended only at 9 months, except during outbreaks when it may be given at 6 months onwards.

However, any baby, who has received measles vaccine before 9 months should receive an additional dose at 9 months to ensure adequate seroconversion.

No boosters are needed, as single dose confers lifelong immunity.

Dosage & administration: 0.5 ml TM or SC over anterolateral aspect of thigh.

Protective efficacy of Measles vaccine: >95%.

This is an essential vaccine for children during their growing age.

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