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The mixed dentition refers to the presence of primary and permanent teeth together in the oral cavity.

This usually occurs between the ages of five and thirteen years as primary teeth are exfoliated and permanent teeth erupt.

It is during the time of mixed dentition that dental abnormalities become apparent. Dental conditions such as missing permanent teeth or malformed teeth become visible.

It is at this time of Mixed Dentition that skeletal and dental malformations will come into view. An orthodontist should be consulted as soon as any occlusal disharmonious are discovered.

The dentition can be roughly divided into three periods and stages:

(1) Stage of primary dentition: During this period only the deciduous teeth are present in the oral cavity. This stage starts at about 6 months of age with the eruption of first primary teeth in the mouth, and last till the age of 6 years, when permanent teeth starts erupting.

(2) Stage of mixed dentition: This stage generally last from 6 years to 13 years of age. During this stage both the deciduous and the permanent teeth are present in the oral cavity.

(3) Stage of permanent dentition: This stage lasts from 13 years of age till the individual losses all of his permanent teeth. During this stage only permanent teeth are present in the oral cavity.



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