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Raking grasp – As we all know, there are several stages in the child’s development. This development happens between different ages of the infant. In the first six months the infant goes through the palmar grasp stage and learns how to grasp things when the object is stroked on their palm.

While mastering this art of grasp, the infant moves to the next stage which is the raking grasp. This stage is the development of child between the ages of 6 to 9 months. The infant will be practicing the skills developed in the previous stages and now moves further for more development.

Raking grasp
Raking grasp

In the raking grasp stage, the growth of the infant slows down. He will not be gaining lot of weight and height during this stage. In the previous months, the infant’s weight was increasing because the development was as such that the fat gets stored and he had his muscles building up. Hence, the height and weight increases. In this stage, it will slow down a bit and the doctors would be recommending more of growth nutrition’s to the infant to make sure he has a steady growth.

In the raking grasp stage, the infant becomes talented baby. He will now have the ability to balance and explore the environment with more independent nature. He will also learn how to sit and stand with the help of support. As the baby comes close to nine months, he will be able to sit by himself and learn to lean a bit to grab something.

The baby will be more active in the raking grasp stage. As he discovers his abilities, he will try to move around the place using creative methods. He may crawl, push himself front and back to move or use his butts to move forward. He will use creative methods like rolling across the floor.

Raking grasp can be defined as a stage, when the infant is able to open his fingers and grasp any object. In the pincer grasp, the infant uses thumb and index finger; whereas in this kind of grasp he will have a strong grasp on the objects he holds making sure he picks the objects with the fingers open. The development in this stage will help the infant feed himself a little and also help me hold his bottle or cup.

In the raking grasp stage, the child has intake of solid foods. The sense of smell and taste is developed in the child during the birth itself. The child may be influenced with the mother’s favorites; however, the child will have to be introduced to some foods regularly to get the taste of it. The sense of hearing and touching also develops in the raking grasp stage.

The infant will be able to judge the objects by sound and he also develops the sense of security by holding his favorite things. Sense of Sight is not left behind in the raking grasp stage. The child develops the sight as good as adults. He will be able to see objects close to him and as well far away from him.



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