Just when you think that you have got the hang of parenting, everything changes, as your 2 month old baby diarrhea is causing the baby to be more irritable due to fever and vomiting. If you take the baby to the doctor, he will ask you if the baby has been vomiting followed by fever and loose motions.

If the answer in the affirmative, the 2 month old baby diarrhea is a matter of concern, as the baby has a viral infection in the stomach. The baby will be loosing water in the form of lose stools, therefore, you are required to replenish his body fluids with electrolytes.

If you have been breastfeeding your 2 month old baby then you must continue to do so, but in the case of bottle fed babies the plan of treatment is different. The feeding bottle is reduced to once or twice per day and the baby will be given a lot of electrolytes.

One must make sure that the consistency of stools in your 2 month old baby has returned to normal. The doctor may advise you to give a soy supplement of baby formula to the baby until he has healed completely from the bout of diarrhea. You will also notice a loss of weight in your baby, which is only temporary as the baby will put on weight when he is back to normal.

It is advisable to prevent 2 month old baby diarrhea, by making sure that you prepare the baby’s feeding bottle hygienically. One must use pre boiled water for making the baby formula, and the bottles must be properly sterilized.