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Baby sleep problems

From learning to tell day from night to dealing with nightmares, young children often need a little help from their parents when it comes to sleeping. Here is some essential information about common baby sleep problems and the developmental issues that might affect your child’s sleep habits at different ages. …

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When do babies start Teething

Parents are concerned about itsy bitsy problems babies’ encounter in their life of growing period. One such problem is teething. Most kids start getting their first tooth usually around 6 months, but it varies depending upon their health. The initial process is quite painful in most babies and there are …

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When does Conception occur? plan your date

The question when does Conception occur bothers many married women. Two chemical substances are released into the bloodstream called the Hormones, which come from special glands during the first half of menstrual cycle. Ovum, or the ripe egg results from the process stimulated by one Hormone while thickening in readiness …

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Nappy Change

Nappies are produced in a variety of types, styles and sizes, but the basic choice is still between disposable and toweling nappies. Then are different newborn diapers. Ideally, you should decide which type of nappy you are going to use for nappy change before your baby arrives. You will need …

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Dentist’s Role in Aids Epidemic

We know that the chances of contracting HIV-infection in a dental setup is very slim. However, as health care workers, dental students and dentists, we must be knowledgeable of the disease process, its oral manifestations and their management, modes of transmission, preventive strategies, and most importantly the instructions to the …

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