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Encephalitis and its types

Encephalitis is a disease of Central nervous system which involves a number of neurotropic viruses and these produce number of conditions ranging from meningitis, encephalitis to myelitis etc. Some of the viruses may remain latent in the nervous system and get reactivated later. Most viruses have a phase of extra …

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Kyasanur forest disease

Kyasanur forest disease has been first reported in Shimoga district of Westren Mysore in Southern India. It is caused by a flavivirus of group B arbovirus labeled as kyasanur forest disease virus. The disease is seen in people who visit the forest where monkeys are dying and there monkeys harbour the …

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Cerebrovascular disease

Cerebrovascular disease constitute one of the commonest forms of disorders of central nervous system involving cerebral vessels. These disorders come suddenly and interfere with the blood supply of the brain leading to neurological damage. The incidence of these disorders is on the rise and persons with uncontrolled diabetes, hypertension and heavy …

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Cerebral hemorrhage

Cerebral hemorrhage in the brain may be intracerebral, subarachnoid or intraventricular. The commonest cause of an intracerebral hemorrhage is rupture of an atheromatous artery in a person suffering from hypertension which in most of the cases is uncontrolled. Factor of degeneration of the cerebral blood vessels along with fluctuations of blood …

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Cerebral embolism

Cerebral embolism – Sudden occlusion of a cerebral vessel due to a thrombus arising from the carotid, artery or its branches or from a diseased heart constitutes the picture of cerebral embolism which develops suddenly with production of neurological signs. Common causes of cerebral embolism are: 1. Thrombosis arising from …

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Cerebral thrombosis

Cerebral thrombosis means occlusion of one of the branches of the carotid artery and is often preceded by one or two transient, ischemic attacks. Common sites may be carotid artery in the head, basilar or vertebral artery in the neck. Cerebral thrombosis commonly results due to atherosclerosis when there is narrowing …

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