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Syringomyelia – symptoms and treatment

Syringomyelia┬áis a chronic disorder characterized pathologically by the formation of a cavity situated in relation to the central canal in the spinal cord and extending to the medulla (syringobulbia). The condition may be congenital or acquired. Both sexes are affected equally but males are more affected than females. Congenital syringomyelia …

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Compression of the spinal cord

The spinal cord is compressed due to a number of causes ranging from diseases of the vertebral column, spinal tumors and inflammation of the meninges. In compression the lumen of the spinal canal is reduced resulting in injury at the site of compression either directly or indirectly due to interference …

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Paraplegia and its investigation

It means paralysis of the lower limbs and is caused by lesions at various sites starting from cerebral cortex to spinal cord. Thus the causes of paraplegia can be classified as follows: 1. Cerebral cortex (a) Tumor of falx cerebrie (Menigioma) (b) Thrombosis of the superior sagittal sinus (c) Congenital …

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