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7 months baby feeding schedule

By the time the baby reaches the 7 months milestone, he would be eating solids, not everything though. Iron fortified cereal, oatmeal and barley is mixed with breast milk and formula forms his staple diet by now.

One must be very careful while planning the 7 months baby feeding schedule and make sure to include wheat and other forms of mixed cereals by the end of this stage. This rule is followed in order to avoid any allergic reactions in the baby.

Whenever you introduce a new food item in the baby feeding schedule, one must make sure to wait for at least three days before adding any new food item in the diet. The gap is given, in order to recognize any allergic reaction to the food item.

If you find that your baby is having irritable bowl movements and rashes after eating any particular food, it is advisable to make a note of it, and inform your pediatrician in your next visit. First time moms often wait for the baby eating schedule time, so they can introduce their baby to a whole world of new tastes and textures.

One can choose from fruits, vegetables, meat and cereal. The raw vegetables must be strained and pureed before giving it to the baby. Overripe bananas must ideally be included in the seven months baby feeding schedule, as they are useful for digestion.

It is important to introduce many fresh fruits and vegetables in the 7 months baby feeding schedule as you lay the foundation for good eating habits in the child.

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