Adenoma Malignum refers to the formation of a tumor or swelling in the endocrine glands that is proliferative and spreads in the entire body. This type of adenoma malignum has many serious complications and it is very difficult to control the spread of the cancerous cells in the human body.

The adenomas are produced as a result of mutation in the cells of the endocrine glands. These are genetic mutations that provoke an abnormal activity in the cells leading to the appearance of pseudo stratification in the cells that make the endocrine glands.

In most cases, the mutations take place at a fast pace leading to malignancy in the benign tumors. The blood circulating in the entire body will carry the malignant cells to different endocrine glands leading to cancer of the different endocrine glands in the body.

The stage of carcinogenic activity in the cells is identified by conducting a biopsy of the gland tissue containing the adenoma malignum. Stain test will indicate if the tumor is in a pre-cancerous stage, and if the tests are positive, it is important to conduct a surgery in order to remove the adenoma malignum from the body before it starts spreading to the other parts.

Adenoma malignum has differential mode of treatment depending on the gland from where it originated. If the adenoma malignum is available in the liver, it can prove to be fatal as the cells are circulated in the entire body through the blood circulation thus leading to death of the patient.

Today, in spite of the advent of technology in the medical arena, large numbers of people are still dying from cancer. Cancer is available in various forms, it can be found in the form of a benign adenoma or a adenoma malignum.

The worst part about cancer is that it is a silent disease, which does not produce any significant symptoms until the disease has progressed to the final stages. The tumor if detected early is found in benign form, when the cells are inactive and the disease is localized.

But, as the disease progresses the tumor may grow and transform into a adenoma malignum. This is a fatal condition, where the disease may have spread to different parts and cannot be cured, thus the patient succumbs to the disease.

In the benign adenoma, the cells are available in inactive state, but in the adenoma malignum, the cells are undergoing mitosis at a fast rate thus leading to proliferation of the disease to adjacent tissues and other parts of the body.

The adenoma malignum cells may spread to other parts of the body through the lymph or circulatory system. Some organs in the body like the kidney that is mainly concerned with the circulation of detoxified blood in the body, if affected by adenoma malignum, then the malignant cells are immediately spread in the entire body leading to proliferation of cancer that is very lethal.

At this stage, even surgery or radiation proves to be ineffective in most cases. But there have been miracles where the patient has survived even after the adenoma was declared to be malignant, therefore, as they say where there is hope, there is light.