Nanodentistry – Dentistry is also facing a major revolution in the wake of this technology having already been targeted with novel nano-materials. New treatment opportunities in nanodentistry may include: (1) Local Anesthesia in Dentistry: One of the most common procedures in dentistry is the injection of local anesthetic, involving long waits… Continue Reading Nanodentistry

Discoloration of anterior teeth is a cosmetic problem that often requires corrective measures. Although restorative methods such as crowns and laminates are available, discoloration can often be successfully corrected by bleaching. Bleaching procedures are more conservative than other restorative methods, relatively simple to perform, and less expensive. They can be… Continue Reading Causes of tooth discoloration

Electrosurgery – Electrosurgery has been used in dentistry for several decades, but the technique is not widely practiced. However in last few years with increased understanding of the technique and principles of electrosurgery, some misunderstandings about the healing of electrosurgical wounds, is able to clear up. CLINICAL RELEVANCE Electrosurgery (ES) -has… Continue Reading Electrosurgery in dentistry