A baby protruding tongue does not necessarily mean that he is suffering from the Down’s syndrome. Sometimes the baby protruding tongue is perfectly normal and in good health. Just the way babies like to explore their hands and feet they also like to explore their tongue.

The baby protruding tongue is not a matter of concern, and it is just matter of time and very soon the baby will be behaving normally. There are many instances when the baby protruding his tongue is a matter of concern for most parents and they want to know if their baby is normal.

According to the doctors, if your baby is gaining weight normally and he is active then the signs of baby protruding his tongue are not abnormal. On the other hand, if your baby is suffering from any genetic disorders that are also associated with mental illness then the baby protruding his tongue is one of the signs of the disease.

If you think that your baby is behaving abnormally then it is important to get your baby checked by an expert physician. Down’s syndrome is a genetic disorder which is caused due to genetic mutation at the time of formation of the fetus. This is condition cannot be treated, although one can take care of the affected individual in controlled environment.