If your baby sticks tongue out a lot, it does not indicate that your baby is suffering from any kind of illness. There are some first time parents who take their baby the doctor if their baby sticks tongue out a lot.

The modern parents like to search the internet for information on their babies growth and development. But sometimes when you try to Google for information on why baby sticks tongue out a lot. The results can be very scary for the novice.

Therefore, it is advisable to consult the doctor as he is the right person to advice you on your baby’s health. It has been observed that baby sticks tongue out a lot is a major cause of anxiety in the parents. They think that the baby is sticking his tongue out as he has hurt himself.

They may also check for signs of bruise or blisters on the baby’s tongue. It is commonly observed that when a baby sticks his tongue out, it could be an indication that he is hungry and needs his feedings. In other cases the baby sticks his tongue out a lot as he likes the feel of wind on his tongue.

At this age the baby will be exploring the world at his own pace and learning new tastes and textures with his tongue. If your baby likes the feel of wind on his tongue then the baby will be sticking his tongue out constantly.