Parenting a baby, especially 10 week old baby, was never an easy task irrespective of whether you are a new mother or an experienced one. The experience is different with different babies thus making it all the more difficult to formulate a plan in advance. However, babies in general follow a regular pattern in many aspects which can be observed and acted accordingly.

The same goes with the behavior of a 10 week old baby. A new born baby appear to be cute and sweet, however they are completely dependent on us and require a lot of focus and attention. Huge amount of time is consumed behind a baby, leaving a mother completely tired and exhausted. However, the feeling of bringing up a baby itself is great and satisfactory adding to the pleasure of motherhood.

10 week old baby

Dealing with a 10 week old baby requires both energy and proper attention. One of the reason for this is because by the time babies reach this age, they are no more like a quiet and sleepy baby.  The feeding requirement of such babies increases a lot thus keeping the mother busy.  A 10 week old baby also tends to learn new movements, begin to identify people, begin to show emotions, identify pains and moods and much more.

Therefore let us understand the entire behavior of the baby so that it becomes much easier for us to take of it.

Feeding the Baby

The nutritional requirement of a 10 week old baby increases a lot, thus leaving the baby asking for more milk than before. If the baby is on breast milk, then the frequency of feeding might have to be increased as per the demand of the baby.  Same is the case when the baby is fed with a bottle. Breast feeding frequently might leave the mother busy with it, thus not allowing her to do anything else easily. The frequent visits of the mother outside the home like shopping, parties, etc might have to be reduced. If something is unavoidable, then the mother may have to take her 10 week old baby along, feeding all the way whenever it is required.

Many women find it very uncomfortable to feed their 10 week old baby in public places, thus leaving the baby hungry for longer period of time. This is entirely wrong and not good for the baby. Feeding the baby is a natural phenomenon about which everyone is aware of in this world. No one grew up without getting fed by his or her mother. It is perfectly alright to breastfeed your baby in public places, as nobody objects to it. This is precisely why there is no law objecting a mother from feeding her child in public. If a mother finds it uncomfortable to feed in public, then she may choose to sit in a corner where she can find privacy to do so. Irrespective of whether you find a place to feed your 10 week old baby or not, the feeding must be done on time.

To make breastfeeding in public easy, here are a few pointers:

  • Try to wear clothes which make it easy to feed your baby. There are plenty of options available in the market. Many designer tops and bras are available for nursing mothers.
  • Learn to feed the baby in standing as well as sitting position. This will enable you to be ready for any situation.
  • Fill the baby to the neck before going out. Feeding the 10 week old baby in advance will make your short trips comfortable.
  • Try to find a place of privacy in public places like the corner of a mall, or behind the bush in a park or the parking lot. If you do not find any place of privacy for feeding your baby, then look for a washroom as last resort.

Sleeping behavior

Besides the change in feeding behavior, you will also observe change in sleeping behavior of your 10 week old baby. The pattern of sleep changes drastically throughout the day and even during the night. Most of the babies of this age tend to stay awake at nights and sleep during day. Sometimes, they tend to take a small power nap just after they are fed.

They also tend to fall asleep at abrupt times due to their increased physical activity. The continuous movement of their hands and legs leave them exhausted and hence they fall asleep. Sometimes during the afternoons, you may require to move them around in pram as they would not settle for anything less than that.

Therefore don’t get bothered too much by the changing sleeping behavior of your 10 week old baby. This is quite normal and it keeps on changing as they grow older.

Emotional behavior

10 week old baby tend to show different types of emotions, especially through the form of crying. If they are too sleepy and tired, they make noises to say “I am still awake”.  When hungry, they tend to make unusual sounds along with aggressive behavior and movement of hands and legs. When they have pain in some part of their body, they have a different way of crying. They even make sounds when you cuddle up to them.

Actually there is no particular sound for a particular action or emotion. The best person to judge what the 10 week old baby wants is the mother of that baby. She exactly knows what each sound her baby makes stands for.

Nevertheless, the most important thing is that the parents should answer every cry made by their baby. As far as this is done, nothing really matters.

Routine behavior

A 10 week old baby tends to show signs of grasping things, whenever something is brought close. Try to give a rattler in their hand and they will try to grasp it with one or two fingers. They make an effort to grasp everything they can at this age.

They also tend to smile or cry when they identify someone who is close or someone who is a stranger. They also tend to identify smiling face and reciprocate in the same way. A 10 week old baby usually glances over every possible thing, but doesn’t have a mature brain to identify it.

Babies at this age also tend to signal when they are full stomach. They also give signals without crying when they are hungry.

Things to avoid doing with your 10 week old baby

  • Do not force them to stand or walk at this age. Learning to stand or walk is a natural phenomena and is learnt by the babies with the passage of time. Forcing them to do so will only lead to severe physical ailments.
  • Do not feed them anything else other than breast milk or bottled milk prescribed by the doctor. The body of a 10 week old baby is not capable or ready to take anything else other than milk. So don’t force as this could lead to serious problems.
  • Do not leave babies of this age in cold, without properly covering them with warm clothes. At this age, babies tend to feel colder than the adults. So try to wrap them up in warm clothes whenever required.
  • Do not ignore any unusual physical sign like change in potty color, frequent vomiting, unusual crying etc. Who knows, it could be an alarm for an emergency.
  • Keep SIDS in your mind. Finding their 10 week old baby lying on the bed and not breathing is the worst nightmare of any parent. SIDS stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. This is an unusual, unexplained phenomena of health found in infants aged between 2 weeks to 12 months. There is no known cause of SIDS, thus adding to the fear of every parent.
  • Be ready for the worst always. There might be situations in life when your 10 week old baby might be in worst of the condition. Be ready for it so that you can deal with the situation calmly and intelligently. This is very important for the safety of the child. It has been known how parents go into a state of shock, thus putting the baby into danger.

Hope these advices and points will help you deal with your 10 week old baby with proper safety and maturity.

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