Radiation may result in serious diseases and even death. Chernobyl mutations occurred in the newborns near that region due to the explosion in which many lives were lost.

Any nuclear explosion results in a blast, there is a lot of heat as well as exposure to radiation. Because of the explosion there may be fire. The blast results in bringing down tall buildings which happen at the moment of the explosion.

A lot of observations have been made in the past regarding chernobyl mutations which children as well as other people suffered. But there have been no unanimity on whether those who were exposed to radiations had any gene mutation in them.

While some conclude that chernobyl mutations as well as the defects that have been passed to new generations from the victims of the blast were due to the high exposure to radioative material.

Other studies found no evidence of the radiation to have affected fertility, difficulty during childbirth, children health etc because of the radioactive gas as they believed that the emission was too low to cause these chernobyl mutations.

The regions which had very high rate of contamination of radioactive gas have led to birth defects. Chernobyl mutations have caused a disease called minisatellite mutation in a district in Belarus.