The functions of adipose tissue will depend on its specific location in the human body. These include the subcutaneous layer that is present deep in the skin. It may be present around the heart and the kidneys present in the abdominal cavity. When present in the bone, it is known as yellow marrow. It also forms the padding around the joints and protects them from injury. The adipose tissue is also present around the eye socket and posterior to the eyeball.

The adipose tissue is also known as loose connective tissue, and it forms a thick layer under the skin. It is also found around the kidneys and in the abdominal cavity. It has been found that the adipose tissue is found in close association with the areolar connective tissue.

The main functions of adipose tissue is to provide adequate insulation to the body. It is due to the presence of the adipose tissue, that there is reduction in the loss of body heat through the skin.

The functions of adipose tissue include protection,s and it acts as a barrier against any mechanical trauma to the organs present in the human body. The fat deposition around the visceral organs like the kidneys provides padding to the organ against any damage. The function of adipose tissue also include  protection against energy storage.

Functions of adipose tissue

Adipose tissue location

Adipose tissue is described as loose connective tissue containing adipocytes, and this is a major storehouse of energy in the human body. The adipose tissue location depends on the type of fat present in the body.

The adipose tissue that is found in the human body is classified as brown or white tissue. According to research, it has been found that the tissue location varies according to the species of the organism.

Most of the adipose tissue location in the human body is white fat tissue, while brown fat is mostly found in young babies. When location is below the skin, then it is known as subcutaneous fat.

On the other hand, when the fat tissue is present in the abdominal cavity and surrounding organs, then it will be known as visceral fat. When present inside the human bones it will be known as bone marrow and it is also found in the breasts. When the location is specific, it will be referred to as adipocytes depots.

In the case of mammals, adipocytes are commonly found, while in the case of rodents and mice they are found inside the abdominal cavity and form various depots in the body. When present in the female reproductive organs like the uterus and ovaries, the adipose tissue forms a fat filled layer that provides protection and insulation.

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