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how much should my 5 week old baby be eating

There are days when the baby may not be eating properly and the parents ask how much should my 5 week old baby be eating? If you want a detailed description of your babies eating schedule, you can refer to the age wise feeding chart that can be easily found on the internet. One can also interact with doctors and specialists online and ask them about the same.

You may also be required to enter the baby’s exact age and weight in order to find out how much should my 5 week baby be eating. Ideally he should be taking 3 to 4 ounces of baby formula and breastfeeding is on demand. It is also advisable to give him a supplemental bottle of formula before he goes to sleep. This way the baby will sleep through the night and may not get up for feedings.

The baby would be more active and responsive during the daytime and he may also reach various important milestones. It can be very flattering to see your baby recognize your face and even smile at you. The baby may also start making babbling sounds as he tries to imitate the sounds and may also utter his first words.

Doctors advise that if you are worried and want to know how much should my 5 week old baby be eating, you can check his weight. If there are no considerable changes then one need not worry. Each and every baby develops at his own rate and one must not try to compare their babies with the others.

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