Most of the Lipid rich adenoma are benign and are detected with CT scan technique. In the case of patients who have been affected with malignancy, the adenoma are non functioning adenomas.

Some of the properties that differentiate the lipid rich adenoma from non adenomas cancer include the lipid composition which in the case of lipid adenoma is high and will show a low level of attenuation of the unenhanced CT scan, but the lipid rich adenomacomprises of 70 percent of all adenomas.

On the other hand, there are the rest of the thirty percent of adenoma that are low lipid adenoma and they cannot be differentiated from the lipid rich adenoma. The adrenal adenoma are found on the adrenal cortex tissue and they are available in benign form. The adenoma are formed from the mutation produced in the adrenal gland cells.

This condition may occur due to genetics and is also associated with genetic anomalies. The lipid rich adenoma forms a majority of the different types of adrenal cortical adenomas. The cells of the adrenal cortex gland may have undergone mutations that are caused due to genetical factors or they are also caused due to an exposure to carcinogens.

Today, there are very few carcinogens that are available in a controlled environment, but they may also affect the people who are unaware of the disease. The removal of the adenoma is very difficult as they are found on the adrenal cortex gland. Histology of the tumor is conducted in order to ascertain the nature of the Lipid rich adenoma.