Liver adenoma – Liver is primarily concerned with cleansing the blood that is the circulated in the entire body. It is very useful in removing harmful toxins from the body.

When the blood flows through the liver, various metabolic processes occur in the liver that breakdown the chemicals and food products that are available in the bloodstream into digestible substances that are used by the cells for growth and development. It also produces substances that aid in enhancing the immunity of the body.

The liver is the most susceptible organ to cancer as the blood that is flowing through it, may contain cells that reproduce cancer. In the initial stages, the liver adenoma is benign and it is very important to detect the disease at this stage.

If the benign liver adenoma is undetected, this may lead to various complications. In some cases, the liver cells may enlarge and this may result in a rupture of the liver tissue and excessive blood is lost due to internal bleeding.

This may be noted as an excessive amount of internal bleeding in the abdominal region. In other cases, the benign form of liver adenoma may transform into a more advanced form of malignant liver adenoma. This may have fatal consequences, as the blood is circulated from the liver and this also leads to a transmission of malignant adenoma cells into the entire body.

Liver adenoma has serious consequences; therefore, it is important to diagnose the disease at an early stage. If there is a family history of liver adenomas then it is important to get a regular checkup for any signs of liver adenomas.

According to statistics, it has been found that around ninety percent of the liver adenom has been found in women who have been taking oral contraceptives containing hormones. The inner pattern in the liver adenoma is typically circumscribed.

This pattern represents the sheets of hepatocytes that are alternated with bubbly vacuolated cytoplasm. The method involved in the diagnosis of the disease includes reticulin staining and the liver cell adenoma sample test reports are positive.

Some of the other tests involve an MRI that is followed by a CT scan that confirms the presence of liver adenoma. The tumor is present in benign form, in the initial stages of cancer, but later it progresses to a more advanced pre-cancerous stage.

If the disease is not identified at this stage, it may progress into the more lethal malignant form of liver adenoma. The adenoma grows in size and may also rupture leading to internal bleeding in the abdomen.

This can have very serious complications as the malignancy may proliferate to other glands in the body. Surgery and radiation therapy are applied to cure the disease.

It has been found that more and more cases indicating the presence of liver adenoma are reported in the recent years. It is important to spread awareness about the harmful effects of cancer. An early detection of cancer can increase the survival rate that is estimated at the time of treatment of the disease.

The earlier the disease is detected, the greater are the chances of survival and in most cases people even return to their normal lives after the treatment is completed.