When there is mucus in baby poop, it may be due to a change in diet or due to drooling, especially during the teething period. It has been observed that the baby poop keeps changing in appearance and texture giving an indication about the baby’s health.

During the first few days, after the baby is born, the baby poop is dark in color and it is referred to as meconium. As you are taking care of your new born baby, you will become accustomed to watch out for mucus in baby poop or any other changes in color and texture in order to ascertain your baby’s health.

If there is mucus in baby poop, after you have changed the baby formula, then you must consult the doctor for advice. The baby poop can be tan to dark brown or yellow and the consistency of the baby poop can be thick to loose and it can also be sticky when there is mucus in baby poop.

When this is the case then it is advisable to continue giving breast milk to the baby as it replenishes the body fluids. If the baby is given baby formula then you must give him oral electrolytes, so that he is not dehydrated.