Precarinal adenopathy or precarinal lymphadenopathy refers to the adenopathy relating to the precarinal area. The precarinal area lies in the chest cavity and roughly between the division of the wind pipe and behind sternum (breast bone).

In simple terms it means the entire chest and lungs area. Precarinal lymph nodes are lymph nodes that surround the precarinal area. Any enlargement or swelling of this lymph nodes is referred to as Precarinal adenopathy.

Diagnosing it can be difficult at times as its symptom could also be as minor as flu like fever. However its symptoms vary in accordance to the underlying cause and if the cause is a major one then the symptoms seen are clear and big. When the symptoms become persistent the person suffering from it may generally then consult a doctor.

The doctor upon seeing some clear symptoms and medical history of the patient usually takes either CT scan, MRI, tomography or lymphogram to be assured that the patient is suffering from precarinal adenopathy and mostly these diverse tests detect the underlying cause also.

One of the most common cause is tuberculosis and other causes include respiratory tract diseases, lung tumor and lung cancer. Its treatment would depend upon the treatment of the underlying disease which would ideally decrease precarinal adenopathy in the patient.