It is very important for a woman to exercise at any stage of life. It becomes even more essential if you are pregnant as exercising promotes muscle tone, strength and endurance.

Regular exercising enables you to bear the weight you gain during the pregnancy and also prepares your body to physically accept the challenge of labor pains. Another advantage of pregnancy exercise is that it will help you in getting back in shape after the baby is born.

You can also get rid of some of the physical pains like backache, fatigue, swelling and constipation by pregnancy exercises and it will also help in improving your temper and self image.

Pregnancy exercises will also help you in getting a good sleep which is very essential for a pregnant woman to get proper rest and it will also help to cope with the severity of pregnancy, labor and eventually the child birth. It will help you to keep the mind cool when you are dealing with your newborn.

Pregnancy Exercises

Walking and swimming are the best types of pregnancy exercises. The major reason behind this is that these two exercises work on your major muscle groups and also strengthen your heart and posing less risk of injuring yourself. Always keep in mind that you should not over exert yourself while you are pregnant with the exercises.

If you were not so active in working out before getting pregnant then you should not exercise in excess during pregnancy as by doing this your might harm yourself or the baby. Your fitness levels before you became pregnant will dictate how strenuously you can exercise.

That’s the reason why you should not workout for more than 30 minutes and keep the sessions short. Walking and swimming will be the best activity to do as the beginner. It is always advisable to take the advice of your doctor or the health care provider before you start with any of the pregnancy exercises irrespective of your previous pregnancy regime.

You might notice that you will not be able to follow the same exercise throughout the pregnancy. You may have to modify the style of pregnancy exercise. If you feel any pain or discomfort during any of the exercising sessions  it becomes important for you to seek immediate medical help and do not ignore any such situations.

Even if you are concerned about the way you are feeling during and after the exercises its better to get advice rather than suffering in the pain. Try to avoid any sport where there are risks of falling down like horseback riding, skating or water skiing.

Once you reach the second trimester of pregnancy it is better to avoid cycling as the pregnancy exercise and it is also good to avoid any such exercises which involve lying on the back for longer period of time.