According to research conducted by the neuro scientists it has been found that it is possible to stimulate hypothalamus in various ways. The hypothalamus is a very important part of the central nervous system, as it regulates the body functions in response to stimulus.

The hypothalamus releases various neurohormones in the pituitary gland that in turn controls the entire endocrine system. It is a mass of nuclei that produce the neurohormones in response to stimulus. According to latest studies it has been revealed that obesity can be linked to the hypothalamus.

The sight of food can trigger the release of neurohormones that increase the food intake. Therefore, in order to counteract this process, one must chew the food slowly in order to stimulate hypothalamus, that you are full. This way it will be possible to reduce food intake as well as appetite.

In the case of new mothers who have just given birth to an infant, they can trigger the process of lactation by letting the baby suckle from the breast in order to stimulate hypothalamus and increase the production of prolactin that facilitates lactogenesis(or production of milk).

Studies reveal that it reacts in response to bright light, and therefore looking at bright light can stimulate hypothalamus and enhance the production of neurohormones.