Supraclavicular adenopathy is usually abnormal in nature. A lot of times patients do not recognize presence of large lymph nodes. Then it is found out that they have lymphadenopathy when they complain of presence of swollen gland which may be related to a lot of disorders from benign ailments to those which are dangerous to their lives.

In case supraclavicular adenopathy is not associated with lymphadenopathy, then it is related to any malignant ailment in the abdomen area or the chest region. Superclavicular nodes may cause draining of head, neck, arms, lungs and abdomen.

Right supraclavicular nodes cause draining of lungs and mediastinum. The kids who have it are at a risk for some underlying problems which may be very grave.

Supraclavicular adenopathy also may result in so many infections in the form of tuberculosis, histoplasmosis etc. In case of small kids, it is recommended to go for early lymph node biopsy when there is a condition of supraclavicular adenopathy.

The risk of malignancy is the greatest of supraclavicular lymphadenopathy in people who are more than forty years of age. It should also be noted that the growth of nodes upto one centimetre diametrically is usually not thought to be serious.