1 month old

A new born a new gift for new mothers. The child is now 1 month old and there might be many questions arising in the mother’s heart regarding the development of the child. When the child is a month old, it goes through certain developments and changes.

As the child completes one month, the developments starts where the child becomes stronger now. The 1 month old will develop on the neck muscles. The neck muscles will become strong and help the new born to hold their head for a little while.

The 1 month old can hold the head for a little longer when they are lying on their stomach, or when they are turning sideways. They may also be able to hold their heads when they are in the carriers where they get some support for their neck.

The baby will start exploring new things. The baby is not even aware about the hands and legs attached to her. The child now starts learning about their body parts. They will notice the hands and legs first and the development can be improved by holding the child’s hand over the head and counting the toes, so that the child explores her body parts.

The 1 month old now learns to talk. He may start gurgling, grunting and making different sounds to express what she wants to convey. The mother should make sure that the baby is always encouraged to speak and it has to be done face to face. As the child is learning to talk, the one month old will start laughing and squealing. If you talk to her from a distance, she will be gazing at you for longer time and will enjoy what you talk.

The 1 month old will now recognize the parents by looking at them. They start behaving differently when they are with their parents and when they see any strangers. They will either keep an eye contact or smile when they look at their parents.

The sleeping pattern of the 1 month old can be changed as per your convenience. The babies sleep for 15 hours during the day. The sleeping pattern can be changed with the feeding time. The babies sleeps in regular periods and if you wish to make sure the child sleeps during the night, make sure u try to keep the child awake during the day.

If the 1 month old is fed around 7 pm, the baby might wake up by 2 am again for another feed. In that case, wake up the baby and feed him again around 11pm so that the baby sleeps till 5 or 6 am. In this way, the child will have a continuous and sound sleep.

This can become consistent if the routine is followed regularly. Also to make sure the baby sleeps back, make sure the baby is not played with and the feeding is done in dark. This will give a message to the 1 month old baby that you are tired and not interested and the baby will go back to sleep again.

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