11 month old

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As the baby reaches the age of 11 months, she is more independent and confident about what she does. The 11 month old kid is now close to completing one year. The child is now independent and has learned to stand without any support. He is squatting and stooping. He can now walk holding the hand of the parents.

Earlier, the parents had to take care of every single thing and now the child helps the mother. The 11 month old baby will help the mother by holding her arm and leg out while getting dressed. The kid will also be able to hold the cup or bottle with both the hands without any problems. However, the kid has to be still fed with hand.

11 month old

To grab attention, the 11 month old baby might start dropping objects for others to pick it up and start talking to her. The baby’s brain develops and they will be able to use more clear words and during this time, the parents can encourage by responding to the words used by the child. The memory can be increased by helping him play games like peek-a-boo and pat-ta-cake.

The 11 month old will now love to learn through pictures. The parents should get more books with pictures and read it to the child. This way the kid will learn gestures. The baby will try to understand more with the help of pictures and try to clear her doubts by looking at the pictures again and again. She will also have favorite book that she wants to have a look at.

The baby now starts securing herself. She will start engaging herself with her siblings. She might not play with them, but she will be playing around the same place where the siblings are. She will have a favorite blanket, toy etc and that will make her feel that she has security.

It is now time to set limits for the 11 month old baby. He has to be give strict instructions on what is harmful and what the child needs to avoid. He might sometimes forget the instruction, but being a little more stern with the child will make her cautious. The parents can be stern by giving her strict looks and by saying no again and again. It might not be easy for the parent; however, this is the correct age to start setting boundaries for the child.

The child can now be given foods like lactogen and nestle. Lactogen is more preferred by most of the parents. It is also advised that the parents should consult the doctors for the diet chart to help with the appropriate nutrients needed by the child.

The 11 month old baby takes two naps in this age. He sleeps for 2 to two and half hours during the day and takes a nap of 12 hours during the night. He sleeps throughout the night without any feed. It is advisable that the baby should be fed once during the night to have longer hours of sleep.



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