16 month old

The world of 16 month old baby has taken a turn and a first aid kit needs to be at hand during this period. The baby will now understand things clearly. She will learn that telephone is no more a toy to play or crayon is something she cannot eat.

She will instead hold them and scribble to make beautiful pictures. The 16 month old baby learns to play simple games and may spend most of her time in it. She would love to play games like naming parts of the body, peek-a-boo etc as this is interesting for her at this age.

The child is also developing her memory skills. Earlier, the kid had poor memory where she could not remember the instructions given. Now the child will be able to recollect and remember things which even an adult might not remember on that instance.

The kid has definitely learned what the object is used for; however, they are still unaware about the depth of the stairs or maintaining balance while running. The baby might trip over the stairs or may even trip on his own feet while running. This stage will give a lot of trouble to child in form of grazes, cuts and bumps. Hence, it is advisable to keep the first aid box handy.

Life is just not changing for the parents but also the 16 month old baby. The kid is excited and enthusiastic about the changes and challenges around him. He will respond to them with more excitement or sometime may even try to pass the phase by screaming and crying.

Do not stop the baby as this might be a terrible phase for him. The parents have to be more patient with the 16 month baby and have to make sure their presence is felt by the child. The child may need to be with you for comfort or may be just for motivation. The parents have to help the child with what he needs and let the baby get over it himself.

Parents have to take special care of the baby’s teeth. These teeth have to last until the child has permanent teeth. The teeth which come in this age will stay for a longer period. The baby will still not be able to brush his teeth himself and the parents have to make sure they are maintained to make sure they last longer.

The 16 month old baby chooses a lot from the books, pictures, magazines, video CD’s etc. The parents can either show the kid a lot of cartoon stories or picture books that will help him pick up on few things that he might learn by self. The baby will also try to impress the parents by lifting heavy objects or something he cannot do.

The child is very adamant about trying to get appreciation and the parents can encourage the kid by appreciating and applauding so that the child learns to try and succeed with his own motivation.

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