15 month old

The 15 month old baby is now realizing that she is an individual and no more a part of the parent. The world is getting bigger for the little one. Earlier, when the baby is taken close to the mirror, they would try to touch the image believing that it is another person, whereas, in this age, if the child is taken close to the mirror, she will recognize herself as an individual.

The child is growing quickly. The baby is walking now and also does a little bit of talking. She will also start using fork and spoon to eat. The growth happens physically and mentally.

The kid will now be able to point fingers at the body parts when asked and will start pointing fingers to tell the parents what she wants. The baby will also learn to place the objects back in place where she picked it from. She will learn to place the objects in containers and remove them out.

The parents will now be able to understand the behavior of the 15 month old baby. The child now starts responding to people and places as per her likes and dislikes. He either mixes up with people easily which shows the adaptive nature of the child might just want to be alone and play alone.

She may also shy away from people, showing that she is not comfortable with lot of people around. The parents can learn the temperament of the 15 month kid this way and understand what she needs. During this period the baby will be dependent on the mother for comfort and she will also try to develop herself.

The food pattern changes for the 15 month old baby. He might be eating everything that is served or may become a choosy eater. If the kid is choosy about what she eats, then the parents might have to worry a bit as the child will not be eating enough food required to maintain a balance diet. The parents can consult the doctor and get a list of balanced diet for the child and serve it as per the child’s requirement.

Traveling is something the 15 month old baby does not prefer at any cost. Hence, the parents have to make sure they carry all the necessary food and toys so that the child does not get disturbed.

In this period, the kid needs to sleep for at least 14 hours during the day. The kid should sleep for minimum 11 and half hours and rest of the 2 and half hours should be covered during the daytime. It is important that the parents make sure the child gets enough sleep to keep him active during the time he is awake.

The 15 month old baby should be given the D-Tap vaccine for immunization. There are few other vaccines as well that needs to be given. Parents can consult the doctor to get a list or a schedule for the vaccines to be given to the child.

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