12 month old

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The baby has now completed one year, 12 months and it is time for the parents to rejoice and celebrate. It’s the first birthday of the child and very precious moment for the child and the parents. As the child is now 12 month old, serious changes can be seen in the child mentally and physically.

Parents can now be ready with their camera to shoot the little things that their kid does. The baby will now take her first steps on her own without any support. Some babies might take some more time before they can start walking by self. However, most of the babies take their first steps in this age.

The 12 month old baby will learn to feed herself. She will start helping herself using the spoon and bowl. He also develops the grasping skills and will learn to pick objects using the forefinger and thumb. This can be improved in the baby by helping her with different activities involving toys.

12 month old

The 12 month old baby still finds crawling easier and would prefer to crawl than to walk. The baby discovers her strength and stamina and believes she can help herself with many more activities.

As per psychologists, the child has a developed brain which can relate the past to present. She will start differentiating the objects based on the color, shape and appearance. She will start giving preferences to the objects she likes.

The 12 month old kid will be more active than any other age as she will be exploring all the objects that come her way. She will try to examine and probe the objects she finds. She will also be able to remember the events and instructions for a longer period and will also learn to solve problems using the trial and error method.

He will now blabber sentences. They will try to make sense out of the words they construct and this might sound an alien language. The baby will be able to respond to simple questions. He also understands and judges her answer by the expression parents give before the baby replies.

It is the right time to teach the 12 month old some discipline and manners. This can be done by helping the child with simple instructions. The baby will also learn to connect with the objects with the help of names and colors.

The 12 month old baby will also have issues with her sleeping. He is too much into playing during this time and this may stand as a hurdle in her sleep. The parents have to spend some extra time on making sure the child gets proper sleep.

Another reason the baby might sleep is because of teething. Parents can consult the doctor to overcome the teething problem. The kid might have issues with the food and this is one of the negativities in this age. He refuses to eat same food each day and she may also insist and demand on self feeding.



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