13 Month Old

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The world is now getting bigger for the 13 month old baby. He is now walking all by herself. There might be few babies who are still walking with the help of support. The parents can relax because there are few kids who do not walk until they are 1.5 years old. The only thing you have to be concerned about is whether the child is taking the initiative to move or not.

The 13 month old baby might take support as well, but it is important he takes the moves by self and not being dependent or waiting for someone to pick her up or push her to move forward. The steps she might take may be unsteady and the parents can encourage the child to walk more.


The 13 old kid achieves a lot during this period. She will be more curious and anxious about everything around her. She will try to explore the world by trying to peek into every single thing. She will move in places where she thinks she wants to find something. The baby will be more curious to know what is in the drawers and what is lying below the table. It’s interesting to watch the little one stand on toes to reach for something which is higher than her hands can reach.

Grasping skills also develop in the 13 month old baby. He will now be able to hold blocks and also understand if she has to place it somewhere or drop it in any container. Some babies also learn to scribble; this shows the development of the grasping skills. You will also notice the child using spoon; however they are not successful yet.

You will notice a change in the eating pattern. During the first year, the baby tends to eat more and puts on more weight. You will also notice an increase of 10 inches in height during the first year. During this period, the child is slow on growing and eats very less food. This is mainly because he starts loosing fat. The 13 month old will eat food she likes and may avoid the food she dislikes and this way the appetite decreases.

This is the right time for the parents to choose the language and words for the 13 month old baby. He has already learned few words and has learned to express her thoughts by actions and by few selective words.

During this time, the baby will learn the language spoken at home and if the parents speak in two languages together the baby will be confused. If the mother speaks one language and the father another, He will learn the same and communicate in the same language.

The parents have to get immunization vaccines for the child. When the baby is 13 month old, she has to be given immunization vaccines for measles, mumps, rubella etc. You can consult the doctor for the list of vaccines.



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