Baby Bjorn Carrier

Recent times has witnessed emergence of varied products designed to aid parents in many aspects of mother care, Bjorn baby carrier is one of them. There are many types today with varied versatility depending on different position of each age.

One that has stood the test of times and managed to improve with innovations and improvements through the decades is the bjorn products.  A Swedish company established in 1931, it majors in manufacture of kid care appliances.

Over the years bjorn baby carrier has evolved and now presents four types. Baby Bjorn carrier original is the classic, original and designed to provide hands free maneuvering both indoors and outdoors.

It perfectly caters to the need of safety in newborns and provides excellent support for the kid’s back and neck and ensures that the arms and legs are in physiologically correct position.

From a newborn to an 11 kg infant, it can easily cradle the child with comfort and severity. Bjorn baby carrier active is a sturdy designed for carrying heavier babies for longer periods.

Providing the similar safety of the original to the back and neck it is also equipped with comfortable lumbar supports and wide padded shoulder straps for equal distribution of weight all over.

With ability to cater to babies up to 13 pounds, it is well suited for outdoor events and activities. It is meant for long term use unlike the air model.

Bjorn baby carrier air is made of an efficient 3D mesh that competently clears away heat and moisture owing to its breathable material. It is excellent for use during vacations and summer, though it does not provide with long term durability.

This model is designed with special like lock mode straps and give that reassuring click when fastened into place .The straps are attached to adjustable head rest. Bjorn baby carrier synergy is the latest range of from baby Bjorn with the cumulative features of active and air models.

It has the safety support to the back and neck and the cool comforting fabric along with many other options like chambers for toys bottles etc. available in many colors and designs it is hugely popular for long term use. With such range to choose from it is important to select one which caters to your needs if durability and comfort.

The Baby Bjorn Carriers designed and manufactured in Sweden are the most comfortable and adjustable, which enable parents to hold their child finely if he is weighing around 8 to 21 pounds normally. The mechanism involves holding the baby on the user’s chest and supporting the kid’s weight with padded straps that move along the rear of the user. Available in a variety of colors and adjustable sizes, the Baby Bjorn Carriers are simple to use and easily accustomed to by the users, with time.

How to use?

  • Select simple style and color of Baby Bjorn carrier. There are a wide range of varieties available in the market to choose from. For instance, the latest style Baby Bjorn Air is the preferred one.
  • Put your arms through the straps adjusting the height with the shoulder blades, and adjust the Baby Bjorn sliding buckle with the infant’s size.
  • Start the child facing you in the carrier, switch to an outward facing position till the child can hold up his head finely, and then attach the head support buckles on both sides of the Baby Bjorn. Pull the main straps until comfortable.

Points to Remember

  • You can keep your kid facing you in the carrier, until the he can hold his head up on his own.
  • You can start using the Baby Bjorn when the he weighs 8 pounds or more.
  • These are very safe and easy to use.
  • For warm climates, the Baby Bjorn Air carrier is designed for light weight and easy breathing.
  • You can keep the child in Baby Bjorn carrier as long as he or she is happy with it.
  • There is no restriction on age limit for using these carriers, but the maximum weight that it can preferably hold is 26 pounds.
  • It is durable so requires regular washing and cleaning.

Different Versions of Baby Bjorn Carriers

With more than thirty years of expertise, the company has now the standard Baby Bjorn models:

  • Original carrier– It is the classic and the original model of the Baby Bjorn carriers and comes in an attractive design. Can be perfectly used for daily routine activities both indoors and outdoors.
  • Active carrier – Robustly built, it is designed to offer a high degree of user comfort for the parents who carry heavier children for a little longer. The kids weight is evenly distributed with the support of the wide padded shoulder straps and the small strap of the user’s back.
  • Air carrier – A different version of the Baby Bjorn carrier Original, it is a light and airy that is produced from an advanced 3D mesh exclusively built for Baby Bjorn which enables acclimatization for the user.
  • Synergy carrier – It is the latest model designed to include the enhanced features of both the popular models- Baby Bjorn Air and the Baby Bjorn Active. This model is airy, comfortable with smooth and breathable material.
  • Comfort carrier and the Original Organic carrier are the other new versions of the Baby Bjorn carrier.
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