Baby Thrush

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Baby thrash is a harmless and common yeast infection. It looks like milk curds or cheese on the roof, sides or the tongue of the baby’s mouth. This is most widely seen in babies who are of 2 months old. This can sometimes be seen in older babies as well.

To understand baby thrash, one has to know what yeast means, as this is nothing but a common yeast infection. Yeast is a part of digestive system and if there is any imbalance in the digestive system then the infection starts.

The babies usually come in contact with yeast during their birth, when they are moving down the canal. The possibility of baby thrash happens, when the yeast overgrows in the babies due to hormonal changes.

To understand if the trash is present in babies, one has to look for white patches. White patches can be seen when the baby is fed, so to confirm baby trash, one can touch the baby’s tongue with finger covered with gauze. If it is not trash, then it would come off easily and if it is baby thrash, the baby’s tongue will turn red and raw and there is a possibility that the tongue will bleed.

Baby thrush is most commonly present on the roof and sides of the mouth rather than the tongue. The white patches and spots in the baby’s mouth can be very painful.  This pain can be noticed, if the baby is finding difficulty during the feeding and nursing. If the baby cries during nursing or feeding on a bottle or a pacifier, then one can call a doctor to take help in clearing the baby thrush. Some babies are not troubled with this trash as it goes unnoticed for them.

Baby thrush needs no treatment initially, as it starts clearing by itself in few weeks. However, if the baby is not comfortable and one notices that the baby is in pain due to the trash, then the doctor can be consulted. The pediatrician may suggest using the medication for oral infection.

The prescription can be taken over the phone for baby thrush, where one can use the medication “Nystatin”. The medicine has to be used on the white patches, and it has to be applied in a form of paint. One can use their finger to do so and it has to be applied for at least 10 days and has to be applied several times during the day. This should ideally clear the infection in a week’s time and if this does not happen then doctor can be consulted for further medication.

Baby thrush can also cause yeast infection in diaper. If the infection happens in the diaper, one should consult a doctor for medication in the diaper area to get rid of the fungal infection.

It also recommended that one uses the Lotramin or Nystatin on their nipples, so that when the baby feeds, they can avoid the baby thrush from coming back. To prevent trash, one must make sure the use of unnecessary antibiotics for babies are avoided. It has also been advised that breastfeeding mothers should air dry their nipples in between the feeding session. This would prevent trash in babies.

What causes thrush in babies mouth?

In fact there are a plethora of factors that can cause baby thrush. However the main causative agent is the bacteria that cause candidiasis. These bacteria can be transmitted through contact.

If the baby is feeding from a contaminated feeding bottle, it could lead to thrush infection. The microbes are not visible to the naked eye and thereof one must avoid overusing a feeding bottle or pacifier.

It is important to sterilize the pacifier and the feeding bottle before preparing milk for the baby. In certain cases where the baby care taker is lax or lazy in cleaning the baby’s tongue, it could also lead to thrush infection in the baby’s mouth. The milk residue that is left on the tongue must be cleaned on a regular basis with the help of clean wash cloth.



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