Baby lip blister

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Baby lip blister is a common problem found in the babies, especially those who feed on mothers milk continuously. Although feeding is something that should not be stopped, however, these blisters should also be kept in check as they may become severe if not attended on time.

Most of the mothers tend to ignore these baby lip blister thinking that they are just another kind of common rash that will go away. Of course most of the blisters formed on the baby’s lips are not severe and tend to go away with time, yet one should not ignore the possibility of it being something more severe than what is being perceived. After all, its your baby’s health.

Baby lip blister is caused when the infant continuously feeds on mothers milk and thus vigorously sucks the milk from the mother’s breast. This vigorous sucking causes the formation of these blisters that may sometimes be severe. These blisters are commonly found in those babies who find it hard to suck the milk from their mother’s breasts.

Ideally a baby lip blister is caused due to increased friction while sucking and it can be seen as a bruise on the baby’s lips. It has been observed that a baby lip blister is present in the newborn babies. Investigation reveals that the lip blister occurs due to the infant sucking his thumb in the mother’s womb. The lip blister is also found in babies when they are applying pressure on the lips while sucking from the breasts.

The Baby lip blister generally appear in infants who are less than 4 weeks old. This is mainly because the lips of an infant who is less than 4 weeks old are fragile and soft. Excessive usage of force to suck milk causes the lips to burst and cause the blisters to come out.

One of the most common methods of reducing the chances of baby lip blister is the application of nipple jelly or cream before feeding the baby.

The lip blister is a common problem, and sometimes because of it, it will be easy for the baby to suck on the breast as the hardened skins helps in latching on to the breast. The baby lip blister can also be caused due to an overused nipple in the feeding bottle.

One must give softened food and avoid using the Sippy cup until the lip blister has healed. It is advisable to change the pacifier and replace it with a new one at regular intervals in order to avoid any soreness in the baby lips. In case the lip blister is bleeding continuously then one needs to take the baby to the doctor for a checkup.



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