Baby lip quivering is another common behavior seen in breast feeding infants. The shaking of the lips occur, sometimes in an unusual manner. It can be too fast but slight movement, or very slow and big movements. However, the quiring in infants is commonly mistaken for fits or other abnormalities, especially if the mother is a new parent.

Most often, first time parents or new parents are worried at the sign of any odd behavior in their new born like baby lip quivering. Such parents immediately report the problem to the medical expert, thinking that the quivering was due to a seizure or something drastic. Although it is a good habit to report every unusual behavior of your infant to the doctor, however, this problem isn’t something that is severe.

According to the doctors, the reaction of baby lip quivering is very similar to that of hiccups. Baby hiccups may occur as an indication of growth in the diaphragm. Similarly, it is observed when you change the position or when you are changing the baby’s clothes. When you leave the baby naked for sometime, due to the cold surrounding, the body parts may shiver.

Similarly, when the baby excessively sucks the mothers milk, there are chance that the movement would start. Again, this is due to excessive pressure put on the lips that causes the flow of blood to stop for sometime. But when it resumes, quivering may happen as a result.

The quivering is not just like limited to lips. It can even happen in any part of the body like the ankles, hands, fingers, feet etc. It is just an adjustment that the body does to the changing environment.

One need not worry about the treatment for baby lip quivering, as it will cease on its own. This does not last for more than few minutes in a normal scenario. Sometimes it lasts for only a few seconds or may just happen just once for a second.

In case your baby is suffering from any congenital diseases then the lip quivering may be a subtle sign of a seizure and one must get immediate medical attention. Leave aside just this, any unusual behavior shown by your child during illness must be reported as it could be due to the illness itself.

Many parents who are aware of these facts find the baby lip quivering cute. And yes, it definitely makes your little one look cute! 

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