Baby purple lips

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Baby purple lips are just one of the many conditions that is found in the infants, especially those who are less than 4 weeks old. The mouth of the babies undergo a lot of changes as the baby uses it frequently. The color of the lips also undergo various changes, turning pink to purple, black to red etc.

If you notice that baby’s lip color changes to purple, then it means that your child is suffering from a condition known as cyanosis. This is a condition caused when there is reduction in the amount of oxygen present in the blood. Cyanosis may occur in the peripherals like hands and feet, and it is known as peripheral cyanosis.

This is not a major cause of concern as the baby is feeling cold, due to the cold climate and needs to be covered up. In case the trunk part of the baby’s body is showing signs of cyanosis, then this is a serious condition as they may be suffering from congenital heart or lung diseases and needs immediate medical help.

Sometimes this type of cyanosis is also accompanied by baby purple lips. This is serious condition and one needs to take the kid to the doctor for checkup.

Sometimes the baby purple lips can be observed in babies who are suffering from congenital heart diseases. The purple baby lips are also a common symptom in kid’s suffering from breathing disorders or lung infections.

Irrespective of what the causes are, it is essential to bring it to doctors or experts attention. Many a times a problem that appears to be quite common may turn out to be something severe. This is precisely why doctors suggest that when you see unusual behavior from an infant, report it immediately to the respective expert.

Baby purple lips are also caused due to excessive force used while sucking the mothers milk. Although this reason is quite uncommon, however, cases have been reported of the same. Sometimes the mothers milk doesn’t come out easily because of which the baby tends to use force which causes the lips to get soar and hence turn purple. In this case the color generally varies between dark blue and purple.



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